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Laser technology from A-Z

Your contract manufacturer with first-class laser technology

Single piece, sample, series start-up or automated series production: We produce your components on a contract basis on state-of-the-art 2D and 3D laser systems. Experienced and technologically broadly positioned, we are your laser technology expert: With digitalized processes, in-house design and production-accompanying measurement, we realize your project quickly and reliably.

Use the latest laser technology without investing yourself.

Why HAILTEC is the right choice for you

Advantages from agile to reliable

We manufacture your components reliably on laser systems with cutting tolerances of up to +/- 10 µm.

Broad portfolio of laser technologies, in-depth know-how

Your technological advantage: HAILTEC's bandwidth

2D / 3D laser fine cutting

Contactless, precise and economical we cut your components with the laser two- or three-dimensional

Black Marking

We mark your components in deep black and in a way that is gentle on the material, e.g. with a QR or UDI code.

Ultra-short pulse laser micro cutting

For you we manufacture micro components in 10 - 500 µm thin sheet metal or foil, without heat influence

Ultra-short pulse laser ablation

Increases the service life of e.g. carbide stamping dies by a factor of 10 and achieves surface finishes down to Ra 0.1 µm

Ultra-short pulse laser microstructuring

The laser creates microfine functional structures and textures on your components

The laser expert for your prototypes and series

Laser technology with added value

Non-contact and fast: More and more manufacturing professionals appreciate the versatile and economical tool laser. On modern equipment and with great know-how, we cut, weld and mark your components and, if required, process their surfaces. At HAILTEC you will find the right laser technology for every task.

Laser process Sheet thickness Cutting gap Spot size Component size max. Tolerance
Ultra-short pulse micro cutting 0.01 - 0.5 mm approx. 0.015 mm 10 µm to 30 µm 500*400 mm +/- 0.002 mm*
Laser fine cutting 0.05 to 3 mm 0.025 - 0.08 mm < 0.025 mm 800 * 500 mm +/- 0.010 mm

Note: For thicker sheets, we offer suitable cutting processes such as punching and micro waterjet cutting.

We manufacture your components reliably on laser systems with cutting tolerances of up to +/- 10 µm.

Why HAILTEC should be your partner

Your supplier for laser technology

With the technically and economically optimal laser process, we manufacture for you on a contract basis, reproducibly and with a measurement protocol. If a machine standstill is imminent, our express service often saves the day. Whether embossing stamp, cavity, chipbreaker, micro-cut components, engraving or laser marking: Ask us.

Laser technology at HAILTEC Laser cutting high-precision

Which laser process for what?

In laser cutting, the choice of the ideal process depends on:

These points also determine the laser parameters such as spot size, cutting gas quality and laser power.

Laser technology: Frequently asked questions

What is a QCW laser?

QCW stands for "Quasi Continuous Wave". A QCW fiber laser from IPG achieves peak power in pulsed mode and exceeds the nominal CW power by a factor of ten. It is ideal for laser fine cutting of thin sheet, spot and seam welding, and drilling.

What is a Nd:YAG laser?

This solid-state laser uses a neodymium-doped YAG crystal as the active medium (hence the name "Nd:YAG"). It emits mostly infrared radiation with a wavelength of 1064 nm, making it ideal for fine cutting in thin sheet.

What is a disk laser?

A disk laser is a solid-state laser. Its active medium has the shape of a disk. At HAILTEC, we use a 3,000-watt TruDisk laser from TRUMPF. It is a high-power solid-state laser for welding, cutting and surface processing of metals. Whether laser cutting in 2D and 3D and laser welding: An integrated laser power control guarantees one hundred percent stable processes and reproducible results.

What is an ultrashort pulse laser?

During laser ablation or cutting with the ultrashort pulse laser, laser pulses strike a component so quickly that the material sublimates (vaporizes) in this small area before the surrounding material heats up. This is therefore referred to as "cold" laser processing. The short, high-energy pulses are suitable for almost any material, including glass, ceramics, plastics or composites.

UKP lasers at HAILTEC: The femtosecond-short laser pulses of our Nobel Prize-winning laser source from TRUMPF offer peak powers of more than 300 megawatts. It works ultra-fast and ultra-accurate without HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) and without acting process force. The positioning of the laser contour to the workpiece blank is accurate to +/- 0.005 mm thanks to a high-resolution CCD camera and integrated 3D measuring probe.

20211209 comparative graphic ukp classic laser 2 1  20211209 comparative graphic ukp laser 2

How do pulse and CW modes differ?

In der Lasertechnik verwendet man je nach Anwendung die gepulste, kontinuierliche (CW, Continuous Wave) oder modulierte (QCW, Quasi Continuous Wave) Form der Laserleistung. Singlemode-Faserlaser im CW- oder modulierten Modus vermögen den Strahl auf kleinste Spotgrößen zu fokussieren. Daher nutzen wir sie, um Dünnblech (< 1 mm) schnell und exakt zu schneiden. Anwendungsbeispiele sind kardiovaskuläre Stents oder Kupfer-Bauteile für die Batteriefertigung. Laserschneiden im gepulsten Modus punktet in der Mikrobearbeitung mit geringer Wärmeeinflusszone (HAZ) und sehr geringer Schlackenbildung.

Argon, oxygen, nitrogen: Which is the right cutting gas?

Which cutting gas is used depends primarily on the material to be processed. In laser technology, a general distinction is made between the gas as the laser medium and the shielding gas used in welding to stabilize the welding process. Here we take a look at the cutting gases we use. These are mainly three types of gas:

Pure oxygen

Ideal for laser cutting copper

Pure nitrogen

Ideal for machining: Stainless steel with oxide-free cut edges


Ideal for cutting and welding titanium

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