Express & immediate service

In a few hours to the urgently needed workpiece

Focus on service instead of downtime

What to do if you need a lasered embossing stamp ultra-urgently - because, for example, a stamp breakage paralyzes your machine on which you are currently producing an urgent job?

No need to get excited, HAILTEC has the solution for you with the ultra-short pulse laser job store:

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Express service < 48 h

Avoid expensive retooling or longer machine downtimes: As an express service, we create individual workpieces for you within two working days, calculated from receipt of the stamp and your data to the finished workpiece. We can also provide you with a measurement report on request.

We will send you your finished part by courier (or you can pick it up from us).

Immediate service < 24 h

What do you do if you urgently need a lasered embossing stamp - for example because a stamp breakage has paralyzed your machine on which an urgent large order is being punched? Use the HAILTEC immediate service.

Here's how it works: You call, we set up and prepare everything. As soon as your blank arrives, we make your stamp - your courier has a coffee and takes the finished part right away.

Instant service

Many well-known customers from industry
already rely on our expertise

In emergency < 24 hours

This is why the fast service is worthwhile

Advantages ultra short pulse laser job store
Express service instead of machine downtime
Longer service life
With measurement report on request
Saves time and spares your nerves

You are in a hurry or ultra-urgent? Use our service.

Why you can always count on HAILTEC

Your job store partner for ultra-precise workpieces

Instant service

In the ultrashort pulse laser job store, we create miniaturized 3D molds for your tools, for example. It is not only the laser that is fast: With know-how and technical understanding, we produce your workpieces quickly and reliably - supported by the ultra-short pulses of the femtosecond laser. Benefit from:

  • Improved machine uptime and process reliability
  • Extended service life (thanks to lasered press-fit zones, among other things)
  • increased adherence to delivery dates

Your workpiece manufactured in the blink of an eye. Take advantage of the technological lead.

Why the ultrashort pulse laser scores for you even under time pressure

Express and immediate service: Industries

With the versatile ultrashort pulse laser, your urgent parts are created within the shortest possible time. We also offer a similar rush service for laser fine cutting. Among others, for applications in industries such as:

When do you test the fast service of HAILTEC?