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Embossing dies with the ultrashort pulse laser instead of die-sinking EDM

  • High-precision 3D molds made from carbide and PM steels
  • Cold material removal by ultrashort pulse
  • Surface quality Ra 0.1 µm
  • +/- 0.005mm Tolerances
  • Up to 10 times longer service life
  • 100% reproducible
  • Monitored with Alicona measurement technology
TÜV embossing stamp UKP

Your advantages with the ultrashort pulse laser

Compared to die-sinking EDM, ultrashort pulse laser technology scores highly when it comes to creating embossing contours in carbide tools. This is because there is no need to produce electrodes, which makes production simpler and more precise. The carbide surface is not adversely affected by the electrodes closing or a rougher surface finish (due to die-sinking EDM).

Cold ablation via ultrashort pulse laser ablation is used in a wide range of applications, particularly in embossing and stamping technology, tool and mold making, medical technology and the watch and jewelry industry. May we inspire you? 

Embossing stamp sample box

Order a free sample box now without obligation - including an example of UKP lasered embossing stamps. 

The high-precision ultrashort pulse technology comes from eye medicine

Process comparison: die-sinking EDM vs. ultrashort pulse laser

Comparison 1: Material-friendly processing and reproducibility

For a long time, die-sinking EDM was the first choice for producing embossed contours in order to create precise and intricate contours in the base material carbide. In the meantime, ultrashort pulse laser processing can deliver significantly better results. From a technical and commercial point of view, USP laser processing is a worthwhile alternative: 

Embossing die made of carbide
Embossing dies made of carbide Comparison

The USP results are always the same thanks to the wear-free laser. The production time is comparatively faster, as no electrode production is required and work is carried out directly from the 3D model.

Comparison 2: Residual compressive stress counteracts crack formation in the material

In a series of tests, the companies Ceratizit Empfingen GmbH and Hailtec GmbH showed that modern processes such as ultrashort pulse laser processing give stamping dies a significantly longer service life than conventional die-sinking EDM, as residual tensile stresses in the outer surface layer of the material are avoided.

Voltage diagram UKP laser

Fig. 1: The stress diagram in the illustration shows the damaging EDM (electrical discharge machining) in red. tensile stress in red. Residual compressive stresses (- Mpa in blue) counteract the formation of cracks -these can be significantly increased again by a blasting process carried out after laser machining .

Conclusion: UKP is faster, more sustainable, more precise

The UKP laser creates the finished part directly from the 3D model, in in just one clamping operation and without the need for machining forces. It also works with repeatable process parameters - so reproducible reproducible, so that one punch is exactly the same as another.

Compared to die-sinking EDM, ultrashort pulse laser machining therefore does not require the production of electrodes. This makes the manufacturing process simpler and more precise, as the carbide surface is neither affected by wearing electrodes nor by a rougher surface finish due to die-sinking EDM . With the optical 3D measuring system µCMM from Bruker Alicona, the high quality of your microfine components can be certified to sub-micrometer accuracy on request.

You are welcome to order our free sample box
with examples of ablation by UKP Laser.

Practical examples and testimonials

Character and number embosser

With the UKP laser, fine lettering and number embossing geometries can be produced very quickly and economically.

Ultra-short pulse laser structure embosser
Dr. Klara B.
Dr. Klara B.Head of Product Development
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"Awesome interface and super fast delivery. A real alternative to EDM."

Bending inserts and mold inserts

With tolerances of +/-0.005 µm, UKP lasers are perfect for producing embossing molds for press-fit zones and flat connectors.  

Embossing stamp Precision
Veit K.
Veit K.Design Manager E-Mobility
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"We were surprised that HAILTEC gave us press-fit zone stamping dies with such high repeatability."

Embossing stamps and mold plates

The wear-free and reproducible UKP laser is also perfect for larger mold plates. The longer service life pays off.

3D molding with ultrashort pulse laser
Maik H.
Maik H.Head of Toolmaking Medical Technology
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"Due to the longer service life of the active elements, it also pays to have larger mold inserts lasered at HAILTEC"

Frequently asked questions | FAQ

About UKP technology

The laser achieves higher precision and we work directly from the 3D model. This eliminates the need for electrode production and each stamp is identical to the next (100% reproducibility).

Die sinking machining (EDM) typically introduces tensile residual stresses in the outer surface layer of the carbide material. This creates thermally zones, which can lead to microcracks in the microcracks in the microstructure of the material. Another disadvantage of the erosion process is the the melting zone created during the process on the surface of the eroded contour, often referred to as a "white layer". It weakens the base material and can lead to premature wear or even or even tool breakage.

While harmful tensile stresses occur during die-sinking EDM the laser hardly introduces any stresses of its own into the material and can therefore be considered neutral.

You have to generate compressive stresses and avoid tensile stresses. This, in combination with a high surface quality, can give you up to 10 times longer tool life - compared to classic die-sinking EDM. 

Compared to the classic laser, the extremely short pulse pulse times of the femtosecond laser (ultrashort pulse laser or USP) result in cold material removal. material removal. As a result, the microstructure of the hard metals remains remains virtually unaffected. Thermal cracks and other material material damage are barely detectable, if at all.

Compared to die-sinking EDM, ultrashort pulse laser machining does not require electrode production, as we can work directly from the 3D model with just one clamping. This makes the This makes the manufacturing process simpler and more precise, as the carbide surface is neither affected by wearing electrodes nor by a rougher surface finish due to die-sinking EDM.

In terms of UKP technology in the field of embossing and punching technology and with our Alicona 3D measuring technology, we are unique worldwide and are considered a "hidden champion".


We have been part of the innovative Swabian SME sector for over 25 years. Because at Hailtec, we believe that new technologies and reliable cooperation determine the future. That's why we invest not only in technology, but above all in know-how and people.

We are known for our in-depth and innovative project consulting. We thrive on the fact that our customers, most of whom have been with us for many years, engage in dialog with us - which is precisely why we have built up our broad range of technologies and services - because we want to be the one-stop job store for our customers. 

Confidentiality is "daily business" for us, as we work closely with the development departments of OEMs and large corporations. Therefore, an NDA is part of our daily business.

If we have the material in stock or you provide us with the material, we are ready for production in 24 hours. If you want to skip the delivery time of parcel services, we also offer you the option of picking up your product yourself with a hot cup of coffee while it is still being packaged.

Our team comprises 40 employees - and the trend is rising. We are currently building another production hall and will then be able to serve 50% more customers. 

With a female quota of 50%, Hailtec relies on the high-precision craftsmanship of women and is therefore a particularly family-friendly employer. We generate most of our own electricity with our 180 kWp photovoltaic system on our halls, making us almost self-sufficient in the production of your products.

Hailtec can support you with the following technologies:

  • Laser fine cutting
  • Micro water jet cutting
  • Precision forming technology
  • CNC precision manufacturing 

This makes us the one-stop job store for many of our customers.

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