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Quality is the be-all and end-all for your microfine components. That's why, as a contract manufacturer, we have geared all our processes towards this - consistently, highly efficiently and with batch traceability. This is evidenced by certifications, digitalised quality management and regular classifications as an A-supplier. And this is proven by our spirit: precision thinking is deeply rooted in the highly qualified teams at HAILTEC. We live quality. Soon for you too?

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You can measure us by the quality - down to the nanometre range

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Added value of the HAILTEC quality policy

All USPs at a glance - of our technologies, such as laser fine cutting

Quality you can count on

Quality principles

To implement the zero-defect philosophy firmly anchored at HAILTEC, we use a uniform quality management system. We observe the following principles in our day-to-day operations:

Customer benefit is the starting point of our actions. That is why we rely on:
continuous improvement
lean processes
continuous investments
continuous training
strong quality awareness
Analysis and exploration of new technologies

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SEM recording of the cut edge quality UKP laser microcutting
Cutting edge roughness Ra 0.2 μm for a 1.4310 spring steel strip
Why HAILTEC deserves your trust

Your expert in quality

Zero-defect philosophy is a matter of course for us

The claim to Zero-production and maximum quality characterises our company from from the incoming to the final inspection. With a modern ERP system we guarantee digitalised processes and and a seamless quality management. High-end production facilities and measuring technology enable us to manufacture your products to this high standard.

Your added value: Certified quality from HAILTEC

These certificates stand for quality

TUeV ISO 9001 white


ISO 9001 is probably the most important number to ensure your success. It ensures clear processes and effective quality management at HAILTEC. On this basis, we can react agilely, which benefits you in competition.

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DIN EN ISO 14001

The certified environmental management system reflects our principles of organising our day-to-day operations in an environmentally friendly way. As a nature-loving family business, we live in and with nature - which saves resources and thus costs.

TUeV ISO 13485 white

DIN EN ISO 13485

As a contract manufacturer for medical technology, we are certified. This reduces your effort for the documentation of your medical products. And you know for sure that we manufacture your products with consistent quality, traceable and with a material test certificate.

Frequently asked questions about quality

Where can I find information on measurement technology at HAILTEC?

From multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines to nano-precise measuring equipment from Alicona: HAILTEC's in-house measuring laboratory proves quality down to the smallest detail. You can find out more about the measuring technology at our company on the corresponding subpage - one click will take you there. 

What does HAILTEC's quality and environmental policy look like in detail?

Our principle of "offering the customer benefits" is deeply anchored in every single action and is at the same time our performance promise to the clientele. This premise is reflected in all our processes.

With our services, we see ourselves as problem solvers, always striving to meet and, if possible, exceed our customers' expectations. To achieve this, we create an environment that is highly technologically advanced. Permanent investments in our machinery and our production areas as well as the continuous training of our employees is the basis for meeting our customers' requirements.

The success of our company is thus directly linked to the human factor, our most valuable asset. We make it our goal to be a modern, safe and always future-oriented employer for our employees.

Our high flexibility and short lead times are characterised bylean processes that are consciously implemented by our staff. The development and maintenance of these comprehensible and secure processes, combined with digital progress, should continue to ensure short response times for our customers.

The high quality awareness of the company and their employees also flows into the way they deal with health protection, occupational safety and environmental protection.

Due to our exclusive location embedded in nature, we see it as our duty to take measures beyond the legal requirements to enable this unique contrast between nature and high-precision metal product solutions for industry. Improving quality and environmental performance are important processes for us. We always take measures to help improve quality and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and processes. In this way we achieve added value for the company and for our customers. The aim of HAILTEC GmbH is to minimise the negative effects of its products on people and the environment, taking into account technical and economic aspects, in accordance with ecological criteria. In addition, we are committed to permanently increasing our environmental performance in the course of a continuous improvement process.

Great importance is also attached to the analysis and research of new technologies. The focus is on the healthy growth of the company within the specified business orientation.

The core of our daily activities is the quality management manual. It supports all those involved in applying, implementing and further developing the processes, specifications, contents and values of our quality management system. Access to this manual is possible for everyone at any time. The continuous improvement of individual processes helps the entire company and is the driving force behind our daily actions in order to expand and consolidate our progressive and positive reputation among our partners.

What does the DIN EN ISO 13485 standard regulate?

The ISO 13485 standard regulates the requirements for a quality management system for medical device manufacturers and suppliers. Important points of the regulation concern consistent product quality, the control of all relevant processes as well as their documentation and traceability.

Since every µ counts, especially in medical technology, we are certified as a supplier according to DIN EN ISO 13485.

When it comes to quality, we are meticulous -
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