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You need visible parts or surfaces with special properties? Take advantage of our expertise in surface processing: We implement your requirements on modern equipment and with a great deal of know-how. You are guaranteed 100% reproducible quality - this is ensured by continuous digital processes and accompanying measurements. If you use a technology such as laser fine cutting with us, you also always have the right post-processing in-house.

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Brushing, deburring, polishing and coating. We will gladly do this for you

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Deep black, corrosion-free lettering
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UKP Laser Microcutting
µm-precise cuts without heat-affected zone (HAZ)
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Laser precision cut implant
We cut your titanium implants precisely and economically
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UKP Laser Microcutting
Metal foils from 10µm - 500µm with cut edge roughness Ra 0,2µm
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Do you want the surfaces of your components to meet certain requirements?

Surface coatings e.g. with

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Surface finishing process at HAILTEC

From satin finishing to ultrasonic cleaning and vibratory grinding to electropolishing, we have many processes in-house. Our well-established network takes care of other surface finishing requirements. This includes various galvanic surface coatings in barrel, rack or selective processes as well as special heat treatment processes to achieve the desired mechanical resistance for your product.

Calendering / Scotching

Ultrasonic cleaning


Polishing blasting | Micro blasting

Trowalizing in vibratory equipment

Vibratory finishing

Corrosion protection

Vibratory grinding and polishing in centrifugal machines

Heat treatment

Your job shop for laser microcut components

Together with laser manufacturer TRUMPF and equipment manufacturer DMG MORI, we are advancing ultra-short pulse laser technology. Take advantage of this technological lead as a service.

Whether standard materials or advanced materials: the femtosecond laser is flexible, fast, precise and repeatable.

Frequently asked questions about the surface finish

  • Micro spring element
  • Micro watch hand
  • Micro gears

SEM recording of the cut edge quality UKP laser microcutting

SEM recording of the cut edge quality UKP laser micro cutting

REM Mounting Fitting Hole 08mm H7

REM mount fitting hole 0.8mm H7

Micro mountain bike next to a two-euro coin:

In UKP micro laser cutting (also called micro laser cutting or laser micro processing), the UKP laser realises miniaturised shapes with micrometre-fine ridges and cuts.

UKPL Microblading blue 1

Product examples for medical technology

Examples of applications for UKP laser microcutting for medical technology are minimally invasive surgical instruments such as microscalpel and surgical needles, atomiser nozzles, bone saws, etc.

Ultra-short pulse laser micro cutting part on geo triangle 4 web

  • Burr-free and µm-accurate

  • Cutting edge roughness up to Ra 0.2 μm

  • Almost right-angled cut edges

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