Laser Micro-Structuring

Your components microfine structured


With five axes and femto-laser beams, the UKP laser achieves the finest 3D microstructures on your components. The ultra-fast pulses and the "cold" material removal without heat input into the material surpass etching technology or the nanolaser many times over in terms of time and quality.

We use the enormous power spectrum of the ultrashort pulse laser to impart surface structures to components. For example, tribological properties can be specifically improved. Depending on the requirements, the following are possible:

  • tribological structures
  • optical and haptic textures
  • Functional surface structures such as the lotus effect
Sombrero Lotus 02 blue web dark zoom

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Advantages UKP Microstructuring

UKP microstructuring is ideal for products such as:

textured precision parts for injection molds; microfine, functional or geometric structures and much more.

Injection molded plastic coin with QR code microstructure

QR code injected into plastic

Finest QR code structures can be realized in your tool molds 
  • 3D microstructuring
  • QR code is scannable with smartphone
  • Ideal for your serial number and URL's

In terms of resolution and surface quality, the UKP laser with five axes is far superior to the nanolaser - this is also ensured by the "cold" material removal without heat input.

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SEM recording of the cut edge quality UKP laser microcutting
Cutting edge roughness Ra 0.2 μm for a 1.4310 spring steel strip

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Together with laser manufacturer TRUMPF and equipment manufacturer DMG MORI, we are advancing ultra-short pulse laser technology. Take advantage of this technological lead as a service.
Benefit from HAILTEC technologies

Good reasons for microstructuring with the UKP laser

significantly finer resolutions

functional surface structures

High quality surfaces

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