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We deliver your ┬Ám-precise miniaturised components

Laser Microcutting with the Ultra Short Pulse Laser

Miniaturized components are gaining importance in many industries. Meet the trend with the help of our service: With laser micro cutting on a contract basis, we manufacture your finest shapes and geometries, in foils and sheets from 10 to 500 ┬Ám thick. Thanks to the ultra-short laser pulses, the material sublimates directly, and there is no heat-affected zone (HAZ) at the cut edges.

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Benefit from the latest laser technology without having to invest yourself.

Many well-known customers from industry
already rely on our expertise

Cuts like wire-eroded - only much more economical

Advantages of ultra-short pulse laser micro cutting

Your high-tech partner for high-precision cutting

UKP laser micro cutting is ideal for products such as:

Micro spring elements, micro watch hands, micro gear wheels and much more

REM Mounting Fitting Hole 08mm H7
Fitting hole 0.8 mm +/- 2 ╬╝m

Cutting of a micro fitting hole

Cut edges up to Ra 0.2 ┬Ám

SEM recording of the cut edge quality UKP laser microcutting
Cutting edge roughness Ra 0.2 ╬╝m for a 1.4310 spring steel strip
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Micromechanics for the watch industry

UKP laser micro cutting is a real added value for the watch industry

Micro saw for medical technology

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Laser microcutting: These added values await you at HAILTEC

Good reasons for laser-microcut components


Micrometre-fine ridges, smallest spot diameters and cuts that are repeatable and true to geometry - these are enormous advantages of laser micro cutting.

For maximum precision, we combine the cold femtosecond laser with cutting gas. In this way, we achieve the finest ridges and burr-free, almost right-angled cut edges with surface qualities down to Ra 0.2 ┬Ám for you.┬á

Optical measuring systems measure and monitor the quality of your micro components with an accuracy of +/-1 ┬Ám.

Economic efficiency

As a contract manufacturer for laser micromachining, we cut your parts with ┬Ám-accurate fits and post-processing-free edges. This is made possible by special ultra-short pulse laser technology. When the tolerance increases then the laser fine cutting is the technology of choice.

The laser cut produced with this method is comparable in quality to wire erosion. The advantage of UKP laser microcutting: the laser is significantly more economical than wire erosion, and that from batch size 1.

Material diversity

Since the ultrashort pulse laser cuts without thermal influence, you get high-quality and reproducible results - regardless of the material.

Brittle-hard and temperature-sensitive materials as well as composites can also be easily processed with laser microcutting. For you, we cut e.g. Nitinol, titanium, medical stainless steels or copper.

Your job store for laser micro cut components

Together with laser manufacturer TRUMPF and equipment manufacturer DMG MORI, we are advancing ultra-short pulse laser technology. Take advantage of this technological lead as a service.

Whether standard materials or advanced materials: the femtosecond laser is flexible, fast, precise and repeatable.

Frequently asked questions about UKP Laser Microcutting

For which products is microcutting with the UKP laser suitable?

Micro mountain bike next to a two-euro coin:

In UKP micro laser cutting (also called micro laser cutting or laser micro processing), the UKP laser realises miniaturised shapes with micrometre-fine ridges and cuts.

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Product examples for medical technology

Examples of applications for UKP laser microcutting for medical technology are minimally invasive surgical instruments such as microscalpel and surgical needles, atomiser nozzles, bone saws, etc.

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What added value does ultrashort pulse laser technology bring to laser micromachining?

  • Burr-free and ┬Ám-accurate

  • Cutting edge roughness up to Ra 0.2 ╬╝m

  • Almost right-angled cut edges

What is the difference between laser remote cutting and classic laser cutting?

In contrast to other laser cutting processes such as flame cutting or fusion cutting (see FAQ laser fine cutting), laser remote cutting does not work with a nozzle but with a scanner. The laser beam is moved with the help of a particularly dynamic galvanometer scanner. In combination with the ultra-short pulse laser, we achieve contour speeds of several metres per second.

When is laser remote cutting used?

Laser remote cutting, also called sublimation cutting, is particularly suitable for complex geometries and contours. There is hardly any burr formation at the edges and the roughness depth is low.

For which materials is laser remote cutting suitable?

With the sublimation or laser remote process, we cut an enormously wide range of materials for you. Due to the high cutting speed, the heat affected zone (HAZ) is very small. Therefore, even brittle-hard materials such as carbon can be cut very well.

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