Ultra-short pulse laser ablation

realizes µm-precise embossing forms in carbide, ceramics and tool steel

Your contract manufacturer for ultrashort pulse laser ablation

In ultrashort pulse laser processing (UKPL) with the femtosecond laser, we realize filigree 3D shapes (embossing molds) in components and stamp blanks for you. Typical materials are hardened tool steel, powder metallurgical steel or hard metal. These are used to create complex 3D shapes such as press dies, embossing dies, lettering embossers or the smallest cavities.

Laser ablation of high-precision 3D shapes
up to 10 x longer service life for your embossing dies

When will you benefit from our know-how and the new technology?

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DMG MORI forlaser systems and software programming | TRUMPF for femtosecond laser sources | Alicona for nano-accurate optical measurement of 3D embossing molds | Ceratizit for the field of corrosion-resistant carbides  

UKP Laser Ablation, a Real Alternative to Die Sinking Erosion

Advantages of UKP laser ablation

Deep black, corrosion-free lettering
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UKP Laser Microcutting
µm-precise cuts without heat-affected zone (HAZ)
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Laser precision cut implant
We cut your titanium implants precisely and economically
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UKP Laser Microcutting
Metal foils from 10µm - 500µm with cut edge roughness Ra 0,2µm
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Your contract manufacturer for laser ablation with ultrashort pulse laser technology

UKP laser ablation, the "cold laser processing".

Laser ablation via laser ablation

Laser ablation using ultrashort pulse laser technology is also known as "laser ablation". Here, the material is ablated (vaporized) layer by layer without heating or damaging the base material. With the aid of galvo scanners, the laser beam is guided over the surface of the workpiece with µm precision and very quickly (several m/s), whether in 2D or 3D. This non-contact process is ideally suited for cutting filigree 3D shapes in hard metals, hardened tool steels and ceramics. Due to the advantages of laser ablation, the "laser as a tool" is replacing more and more mechanical processes such as hard milling or die-sinking EDM, since the UKP laser works without tool wear and with extreme reproducibility. Surface roughnesses in finish part quality of up to Ra 0.1µm can be achieved without rework.

In particular, "cold ablation" via ultrashort pulse laser ablation has many applications in areas such as embossing and stamping technology, tool and mold making, medical technology, and the watch and jewelry industry.

Laser ablation with ultrashort pulse laser is ideal for products such as:

Character and number embossers, embossing dies, coin embossers, bending and forming inserts for progressive dies, forming plates, cutting knives and many more

Laser ablation with ultrashort pulse laser topology of an indexable insert
µm accurate: laser ablation of topology
Laser ablation 3D shape in carbide

Topology of indexable inserts

  • Three-dimensional shape engravings on free-form surfaces
  • 3D laser engraving / laser engraving

Carbide font embosser

  • Material Ceratizit CF H40S
  • Depth 35 µm

The UKP laser creates character embossers in the micrometer range for your tools, even in already hardened material.

Laser ablation font bouncer bouncing stamp
Laser ablation height chart
Praegestempel für Einpresszonen

Embossing die Press-in zone

  • Material Ceratizit CF H40S
  • Surface finishes Ra 0.1 µm
  • 10° flank angle

We manufacture your embossing dies quickly and economically, eliminating the need for prior electrode production and reworking.

Laser ablation with ultrashort pulse laser

You need precise molds for complex tools? On high-tech laser systems and with years of experience in laser technology, we manufacture your filigree molds as desired. And this is independent of the material. Because where conventional technologies reach their limits, the ultrashort pulse laser opens up unimagined design and material freedom. For example, with temperature-sensitive or ultra-hard materials such as carbide or ceramics.
These added values await you at HAILTEC

Good reasons for UKP laser ablation

Many times longer service life

Time and money saving

Surface finishes up to Ra 0.1 µm

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Together with our high-tech partners, we have been driving ultra-short pulse laser processing forward since 2018. Benefit from the latest laser technology without investing yourself.