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You need the quality of your filigree components in black and white? Our in-house measurement laboratory provides you with the data for your quality assurance. From the area-based 5-axis system from Keyence to the nano-precise surface measurement in 3D from Alicona - your high-end products are in the best hands at HAILTEC.

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Examples of measurement tasks:

press-in zone punched part keyvisual

Press-in zone Stamped part

The optical 3D measurement simplifies the target/actual comparison by means of color-coded display:

Topology of an indexable insert

Optical measurement can be used to check molds for dimensional accuracy very easily

Stamping die for press-fit zones made of carbide

Measurement of an embossing die by means of focus variation

We check molds simply and quickly by means of target/actual comparison 

Use nano-accurate measurement technology as a service

Further services at HAILTEC

Metrology: Services for your success

Measure roughness and shape

The optical surface measuring device from Bruker Alicona analyzes the smallest components without contact and thus without damaging the material. It detects deviations down to the submicrometer and nanometer range.

Reverse engineering

You have a component, a stamp or a coin - but no data? With the help of high-precision measuring equipment, we create CNC data from samples and digitize your 3D shape, even in the µm range.


Upon request, we will provide you with an initial sample inspection report (EMPB), which guarantees consistent quality.

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As Germany's leading job store for ultrashort pulse laser processing, we also offer high-end measurement technology openly as a service. Because anyone who uses microfine components needs quality measured down to the submicrometer.

We manufacture them for you - and prove them with the help of nanometric surface measurements. Finally, our in-house measurement laboratory is the heart of our quality management. Among other things, we rely on the high-precision and universal optical 3D measuring system µCMM from Bruker Alicona.

Frequently asked questions about measurement technology

What measurement technology does HAILTEC use?

With a multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine (optical and tactile combined) from Keyence, we measure the quality of your components during production.

Bruker Alicona µCMM is a high-end 3D surface measuring instrument without equal. It is non-contact, gentle on your materials and detects roughness and deviations in the range of micro- and nanometers.

Does HAILTEC only miss components from its own production?

No, we offer 3D measurement technology as an open service.

In addition, we measure your components optically during production and thus guarantee quality in accordance with specifications.

We quickly and reliably re-measure any shape or surface you require. On request, you will receive different measurement reports and digitized data of your material surfaces in 3D.

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Use nano-accurate measurement technology as a service