20220117 industrial robot KUKA

Industrial robots as team players

In line with our motto of "getting better all the time", we have recently started using robotic assistance - so that customers can count on fast service and us as a partner, even for large quantities. What does the robot mean for our production? We are expanding our production capacities to include autonomous shifts. This reduces the workload on our team and allows us to manufacture components in quantities ranging from 1 to 200,000 more efficiently.

Laser fineblanking was the first production area to be made fit for flexible robotic support. In laser fineblanking technology, exact dimensional accuracy is crucial - this is ideally suited to automated robotic assembly, which also ensures speed and reliable processes.

We are working on further technologies: Thanks to a docking station, we can connect the robot to the various processing systems as required.

Industrial robots at HAILTEC: networked production allows for larger quantities

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