20220117 Medical Technology Microstructuring

Medicine & Technology reports on microstructuring from HAILTEC

An innovative type of microstructuring that the ultra-short pulse laser at HAILTEC made possible in the first place: The QR code can be applied to black plastic with such high contrast that it can be read by smartphone. Applications in numerous industries are conceivable - for example in medical technology. In its current issue 5/2020, the trade journal Medizin & Technik reports in detail on pages 46 and 47 about our development, which we implemented together with the companies Taktilesdesign and Keppler Feinmechanik.

You would like to read the article online? You can find the entire PDF here (pages 46/47).

Did you know that HAILTEC is a DIN EN ISO 13845 certified supplier for medical technology? Learn more about our technologies and contract manufacturing for medical technology manufacturers on our medical technology website www.hailtec-med.de

Article preview Medicine & Technology:

medtech article excerpt


You can read the original press release here in our news archive.

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