20220117 medicalmountains network

Together to the top: HAILTEC in the MedicalMountains network

"Exchange and dialog are elementary for innovations in the high-tech sector - that's why we feel we are in good hands in the MedicalMountains cluster," says Alexander Renz from HAILTEC.

MedicalMountains offers all stakeholders a platform for collaboration and further education. The cluster networks players as well as competencies and aims to expand international competitiveness.

The shareholders of MedicalMountains GmbH, Tuttlingen, include the Schwarzwald Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well as the NMI (Natural & Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen).

Preview of the HAILTEC portrait at MedicalMountains, to be found at the following link: https://medicalmountains.de/mitglied/hailtec-gmbh

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