20220117 sombrero

UKP microstructuring: Sombrero product example

Experience the HAILTEC Sombrero live at the DMG MORI in-house exhibition in Pfronten from February 11-15, 2020 https://pfronten.dmgmori.com/de/registration

With #ultrashortpulse laser processing, we achieve microstructuring for you:

  • with finest resolutions
  • without burrs, splashes, hardly any rework
  • with surface finishes up to Ra 0.1 µm

More keywords: UKPL microstructures & UKPL microtextures, cold laser ablation.

The technology: #TRUMPF TruMicro FEMTO, # DMG MORI LASERTEC 50 Femto

Sombrero designed by #Taktilesdesign GmbH

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