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50 percent women at HAILTEC

Women's power in metal construction? You can find it at precision engineering specialist Hailtec in the Swabian Alb. Half of the workforce is now female. One reason for this is the flexible working hours, says Sabine Blach. She manages the manual department with manual bending and hydraulic presses.

The press release highlights the high proportion of women at Hailtec and tells the story of department head Sabine.

Cows out, lasers in
HAILTEC GmbH is a supplier and development partner for precision mechanical parts such as medical implants or electrical sheets for electric motors. A high-tech company in front of which the Alb buffalo graze - because the core cell is a farm. Just over 20 years ago, the cows moved out and the laser systems moved in. True to the motto "Where high technology meets trust", HAILTEC offers a range of technologies that is probably unique in Germany - including micro water jet cutting and ultra-short pulse laser processing. The team currently consists of 34 permanent employees, including 17 women ...

Sounds exciting? Download the press release as a PDF here:

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