Recycle instead of replace: Sustainable laser technology at HAILTEC

Retrofit for the laser

🚯Reuseinstead of disposal? Also works with laser technology - and boosts efficiency

♻️ ❤️‍🩹Wir have given our trusty NdYag laser system a retrofit with the help of Auxxo's laser technology. With its single-mode fiber laser, it now cuts precise spot sizes from 15 µm foils to 1 mm sheets with the best beam quality. 🔌Its efficiency has skyrocketed from 3 to 30 % . And it consumes significantly less energy. This is because our production is not only virtually CO2-neutral, but also as economical and sustainable as possible.
The completely refurbished laser is just one of currently four fineblanking centers at HAILTEC in Hohenstein. Do you have a job that we can laser fineblank for you? We look forward to receiving your enquiry😁

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